Free Comic Book Day Hits Georgia!!!!!!

By Robert Jeffrey II May 19, 2011
Free Comic Book Day
Free Comic Book Day
Free Comic Book Day
Free Comic Book Day
Free Comic Book Day
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Recently, Stone Mountain, GA’s comic book and gaming store, The Dragon’s Horde, hosted a comic book signing in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day (FCBD).

During the nationwide event, held on May 7, visitors had a chance to check out a host of free titles from publishers such as Marvel, DC, IDW, Aspen Comics and other publishers. The FCBD event featured some of the best African-American comic book creators Atlanta has to offer, highlighting their continued contributions within both mainstream and independent comics.

Creator signings, an appearance by professional cos-player Aleathia Burns, and card and board game tournaments including HeroClix and Yu-Gi-Oh rounded out the daylong festivities.

 “It was my hope that customers took away a new or re-kindled love for a true American art form,” explained Tony Cade, owner of The Dragon’s Horde. “The event was for non-comic fans. Comics collectors already love and read comics.”

Outside of getting this “true American art form” to the masses, Mr. Cade explained further why there is a need for FCBD.

“I think that with the popularity of video games, and a host of other sources of entertainment (smart phone apps, television, film, etc.), America's youth has gotten away from reading for enjoyment.”

When the doors opened, a mass rush of visitors came in, checking out the free wares being offered. The fans ranged from hardcore comic collectors to newbies who’d decided to poke their heads into the crazy world of comics.

As shoppers perused the store, the various creators in attendance had an opportunity to talk about their works (through old fashioned portfolio pages or computer presentations), and comics in general with visitors.

Watching an up-and-coming artist having his or her portfolio critiqued by an art professor or industry veteran was a great sight to behold during the festivities. It didn’t hurt to make a buck or two, from those fans willing to donate to the “clear my closet shelf space of comics” cause.

Below is a listing of the creators who were able to make it out to the festivities.

Dexter Vines - Critically acclaimed Marvel and DC comic book artist and inker whose works include such popular titles as Marvel’s Civil War and Old Man Logan, and DC’s Power Girl.

William Satterwhite - Georgia-based creator of the superhero web-comic Stealth and regular contributor to Black

James “Mase” Mason - Creator of the acclaimed hip hop influenced/martial arts epic web/print comic Urban Shogun: Vol. 1.

Barron Robert Bell - Art Institute of Atlanta professor, creator of Cobalt: Warrior Angel and the upcoming Terminus Media release Radio Free Amerika.

Robert Jeffrey II - Co-creator/writer of Terminus Media’s Daddy’s Little Girl. Regular contributor for Black and Ja Dore Magazine

Robert Jeffrey II is an award-winning Atlanta-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in such publications as Ja Dore magazine, The Atlanta Voice newspaper, and Urban Voices In Comics. When he’s not ranting and raving about comic books, he’s actually writing them. Check out for his comic book story, Daddy’s Little Girl, featured in the anthology, Terminus Tales Presents #1: Platypus vs. Monkey.” Robert can also be found at

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