NJ EXPO 2015

New Jersey Comic Expo Tackles Diversity in Comics

"You’re invited to take a look into the Full Spectrum"
By Robert Jeffrey II   November 20, 2015

DJO   George Carmona Black Sci-Fi

Interview with Daniel José Older, Author of Bone Street Rumba

I love writing, that's what I'm here to do on this planet, so I’m happy.
By Exclusive to BlackSci-Fi.com   November 13, 2015

DC Comics Cyborg #4

Review: DC Comics Cyborg #4

Revelations and kick ass action abound.
By Robert Jeffrey II   November 9, 2015

Bizarre Tales

REVIEW: Bizarre Tales # 1

An interesting combination of comics meets conscious hip hop, with a supernatural twist.

Crumbs - BlackSci-Fi.com

Crumbs Review / Interview with director-writer Miguel Llansó

Billed as a romantic, surreal, post-apocalyptic adventure set in Ethiopia, writer/director Miguel Llansó delivers on this.
By Exclusive to BlackSci-Fi.com   November 2, 2015



The storyline is strong, with a menagerie of action packed twists and turns that keeps you anxiously waiting for what's next.
By Exclusive to BlackSci-Fi.com   November 2, 2015


REVIEW:  APB: Artists against Police Brutality

The direct and unflinching nature of this book is what’s needed.
By Robert Jeffrey II   November 1, 2015

Altered- Tatiana St. Phard

Altered Special Effects Make Up‏

Special Effects Make Up Artist, Ryan Padden, describes bringing the Pemmin virus to life on actress Tatiana St. Phard
By Exclusive to BlackSci-Fi.com   October 30, 2015


Disposable and Black

“Black people are told they don’t matter every waking day of their lives.”
By Exclusive to BlackSci-Fi.com   October 30, 2015

Public enemy Black OPS Comics Blacksci-fi.com

Public Enemy / AHR Visions bring audiences Public Enemy: Black Ops

“New fans will enjoy an action-packed, espionage-fueled property that will have various twists that will keep you excited..."
By Robert Jeffrey II   October 28, 2015

DC Comics Cyborg 3

Review: DC Comics Cyborg #3

This installment I feel shines because of the focus on the action.
By Robert Jeffrey II   October 14, 2015

cosplay George Carmona III -Blacksci-fi

New York Comic Con 2015 Coverage: Saturday and Sunday

But the centerpiece of this con was found at table 2444. Forged in the mind of artist Tim Fielder, Afrofuturefest is a new home

nycc fam All Photo credits George Carmona III / Black Sci-Fi.com

New York Comic Con 2015 Coverage: Thursday & Friday

By Exclusive to BlackSci-Fi.com   October 10, 2015

NK Reading George Carmona III Black Sci-Fi.com

Black Fantastic 2015: AfroFuturism Comes to Harlem

By Exclusive to BlackSci-Fi.com   October 8, 2015

Each fall the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, which is a part of…

Marvel Cosplay cover:Judy Stephens of Marvel ComicsÂ

Eddie Newsome: Professional Cosplayer

Newark born cosplayer reaches new heights with cosplay
By Robert Jeffrey II   October 6, 2015

A veteran of the US Navy, hailing from Newark, New Jersey, Newsome has found his…