Marvel Cosplay cover:Judy Stephens of Marvel ComicsÂ

Eddie Newsome: Professional Cosplayer

Newark born cosplayer reaches new heights with cosplay
By Robert Jeffrey II   October 6, 2015

A veteran of the US Navy, hailing from Newark, New Jersey, Newsome has found his…


10 Black Sci-Fi Female Characters Ready for the Big/Small Screen

By William Satterwhite   October 4, 2015

Here are 10 Black female characters that, to this writer’s knowledge, have never appeared on…


Afrofuturefest Debuts at New York Comic Con 2015

By Black Sci-Fi   October 4, 2015

“Afrofuturefest was created to celebrate all of those comic book artists,writers, game designers, and filmmakers…

nycomiccon Coverage of NYCC 2015! will be in attendance at New York Comic 2015!
By Black Sci-Fi   October 4, 2015

10 Black Directors and the Comic Book (indie/ mainstream) movies they should direct

By William Satterwhite   September 24, 2015

Looking over the lists of top performing movies in 2015, comic book movies sell and…


Black Sci-Fi Talks To Paleontologist David Wilcots

The paleontologist took some time to speak about his career, the field of paleontology, and his interest in science fiction.
By Exclusive to   September 22, 2015

Often times young people aspire to what they see in their surroundings or who they…

Top Ten Games to Look Out For Fall / Winter 2015

Here are ten video game releases to get excited for this fall and winter
By William Satterwhite   September 13, 2015


Q & A with Author/ Publisher/ Editor Milton Davis

Steamfunk. Sword and Soul. Anthologies. Novels. And now animation.
By Robert Jeffrey II   September 4, 2015


MECCA flyer 2

Q & A with MECCAcon Founder/ CEO, Maia Crown Williams, Part 2

Art helps transcend communities. Art heals. Art builds. Art gets you out of the ghetto... And that's for those who WANT to leave
By Robert Jeffrey II   September 2, 2015



"Some writer's create stories, I create franchises."
By Maurice Waters   August 31, 2015


Q &A with MECCAcon Founder/ CEO, Maia Crown Williams, Part 1

I created MECCAcon: so children could see that heroes come in an array of colors, not just cream
By Robert Jeffrey II   August 31, 2015

DC comics Cyborg #2

Review: DC Comics Cyborg #2

Can you say techno-shotgun?
By Robert Jeffrey II   August 30, 2015


Vixen Series Premiere Featurette From CW SEED

August 25, 2015 Vixen in an animated series on CW SEED
By Robert Jeffrey II   August 24, 2015

Bleed Cover

Review: AHR Visions “Bleed 2039 #1”

Imagine Blade Runner set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, and you have Bleed 2039.
By Robert Jeffrey II   August 12, 2015

The Eight

Review: AHR Visions “The Eight #1”

The Eight tells the story of a group of super powered Immortals who are tasked with protecting the world.
By Robert Jeffrey II   August 12, 2015